Building confident women for holistic success through tailored coaching, community, and mentorship.

our mission is to create a space for women to grow confidently in their faith, womanhood, relationships, and business.

Are you ready to unlock your superpower and execute your dreams?


  • Learn how to grow in your faith, become spiritually strengthened, identify your God-given purpose
  • Find healing from past trauma and stagnation, overcome procrastination and self-debt, identify healthy relationships, learn how to manage your lifestyle goals, and embrace, and become more of the woman you want to be.
  • Find your tribe of women who will celebrate you and not just tolerate you. The mean girls club is dead over here. We are all about celebrating our uniqueness and our journeys of evolution.
  • Turn your passion and skillsets into a valuable business. You’re tired of hiding your gifts and story with the world. Many people are telling you that you are amazing at what you do! You’re ready to get paid to do what you love.
Here’s everything Included

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About the Founder

Hi Ladies! I’m Erica Williams, creator of Superwoman Unlocked. I’m a wife, mom, mentor, coach, and strategist helping people who are ready to pivot in their lifestyles and businesses. I’m the hype woman in the back of the room cheering you to the front where you belong. I help people discover who they are, unlock their potential, embrace their uniquenesses, and manifest their dreams by utilizing their faith and their life experiences.

I know firsthand what it’s like to feel like an imposter. For years I found myself wearing a mask, and trying to be everything to everybody, and not enough for myself. In 2012, I went on a journey of self-discovery, and opened the door for me to finally take a chance on me, my dreams, and my aspiritations.

Through this journey, I found my true identity, my purpose, and confidence I never knew I could have in myself. I was also able to love others and receive love the way God always intended for my life. It also gave me the focus to build my dream job (doing ministry and business), obtain financial freedom, and help others do the same by creating their blueprint for success.

You have the power to change your story. Your story is the blueprint to someone's success.
-Erica Williams

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